Purpose of Position:

Oversee Manufacturing projects as assigned. Complete projects according to the assigned timeline, coordinating all departments and personnel, adhering to budget requirements, and reporting project status as requested.

Illuminating What Matters:

A guiding light for elevating our thinking beyond day-to-day activity in a clear and memorable way, our client’s vision intentionally possesses more than one meaning.

Naturally, as an architectural lighting company, to illuminate a surface or an object makes perfect sense. There’s a deeper meaning, however. To illuminate can also mean to make lucid or clear, or to shed light on an important concept or idea.

Whether it’s for our industry, our community, or our family, we want to matter to people who want to matter to us. And most importantly, to illuminate can also mean to enlighten, as with knowledge. We invest heavily in our people, and believe this simple idea is why they ultimately choose our products for a lifetime, because we’re focused on illuminating what matters to them.

Core Values:

  1. Quality – We have an unwavering commitment to Quality above all… in our people, products, partners and processes.
  2. Family – We are a diverse Family of passionate and self-driven individuals who act with integrity, fairness and respect, that hold one another accountable to the highest standards, and collectively promote work-life balance.
  3. Growth – We embrace perpetual Growth and development, continuous learning and constant improvement, enabling the brand, the organization, and the individual to realize their full potential.


  • 5+ years of experience in Manufacturing, Industrial, or Mechanical Engineering or similar field in Aerospace, Automotive, or Commercial industries
  • BS degree in Industrial, Manufacturing, or Mechanical Engineering or similar field or equivalent experience as an Engineer is required
  • Detailed product knowledge
  • Experience applying lean techniques to assembly and material flow
  • Understanding of machining processes & techniques
  • Attention to detail
  • Self-motivation
  • Understanding of Engineering processes, drawings, and schematics
  • Software Knowledge Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, Power Point, Access, Project), MiniTab, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Visio, C#/OOP using Visual Studio IDE, Visual Basic, LabView / Teststand, MatLab, is desired


  • Primary responsibility is to provide Manufacturing Engineering support to resolve any issues on sustaining and new products
  • Lean Champion in Production: Implement lean techniques in the Assembly, Paint, and the warehouse, improving layout and standardizing processes for lean production.
  • Identify, formulate and implement opportunities with lean manufacturing principles throughout the assembly process to reduce cost, reduce variation, reduce cycle time, improve yields, improve reliability,, improve productivity, etc.
    • Implement tooling improvements
    • Station and cell setup for lean process & material flow
    • Improve overall material flow through the warehouse
    • Work with Engineering to standardize designs
    • Standardize processes & stations for maximum efficiency (55S and other techniques)
  • Create and manage equipment specifications, equipment documentation for development, qualification and support of assembly and test equipment for production
  • Perform Design for Manufacturing, Test, Cost, Reliability, etc. analysis on new products with the design engineering team
  • Create Manufacturing Strategies for new and current products
  • Work with assemblers to create fixtures for cycle time reduction, safety, & error-proofing
  • Inspect fixtures and processes against BEGA quality standards. Train personnel and implement corrective action for quality improvement
  • Develop drawings and assembly aids for manufacturing
  • Able to perform the duties of the Production Manager when required
  • Oversee new product assembly and prototyping, working with Engineering in the development process
  • Lead projects as assigned
  • Member of Safety committee


  • Quality Tracking metrics
  • OTD, Backorder and order error tracking metrics
  • Improved efficiency in Manufacturing areas
  • Researches and analyses problems and suggests solutions


This position is permitted to determine their own priorities and may deviate from established procedures or practices as long as the end results meet standards or acceptability (quality, volume, timeliness, etc.)

Supervision over work activities is usually indirect and review of work usually occurs after the fact.

The incumbent has the authority to decide which procedures and in what sequence should be followed to achieve the required results.


  • Please upload a PDF of your resume here