Electrical Engineer

Electrical Engineer – Chatsworth, CA
Electronics design, Test and Documentation. Schematic and Printed Circuit Board Creation, Product support

Main Responsibilities and Tasks:

• Participate in the Concept phase of product design. Use past experiences to strengthen the team’s output.
• Design circuits to achieve specification.
• Schematic creation through PADS PCB CAD system. Hold design reviews.
• Layout PCB through PADs CAD. Hold design reviews.
• Create test procedures to test PCBAs for the engineering prototypes and assembly line mass production.
• Test circuit functionality. Document in detail.
• Possible travel to the assembly line in Asia or other. 1x or 2x per year maximum. When necessary, ability to be on phone calls to support global communications.
• Diligently communicate progress and issues on a daily basis.
• Collaborate with team mates to assure maximum product success. Be open to suggestions.
• Support current production products as need arises. Write ECOs and participate in weekly CM meetings.

Knowledge and Skills:
• Excellent communicator.
• Excellent ability to work within a team environment and desire to learn from senior staff.
• Must have applied Bachelor level formal training in electronics analysis and some design.
• 3-year minimum design experience as a project designer of commercial or industrial electronics. Working knowledge of op-amp circuits, diode and FET circuits for control, simple filter design. Must have basic control loop experience.
• 1 year combined solid mixed signal design experience. Some experience with A/D and D/A converters.
• Ability to quickly design a Switch-mode DC-DC voltage converter of >3 Amps. Explain operation in detail. Use of CAD tools for design is ok. Fluent use of CAD tools is exceptional.
• Fluent with the use of Oscilloscopes to test and debug electronic circuits and systems. This will be tested during the interview process.
• 1+ years’ experience with schematic and PCB layout. Any CAD system. PADS preferred.
• Heat transfer. Understands basic conductive and convective heat transfer principles on a Qualitative level. Coursework or equivalent experience in thermal analysis required.
• Candidate must be goal-oriented and can avoid distractions and focus on completing projects.
• Candidate must take responsibility for task completion. Delays and problems must be immediately communicated.
• Manufacturing experience. Design for Manufacturability is always a necessity. Candidate should have some working knowledge and experience with assembly and test process for commercial electronic devices
• Working ability to mock-up test fixtures. Some shop experience with drill presses and other light equipment. Must be able to solder and show novice skills during the interview.
• High power LED driver or power supply design or implementation. Design experience with high power FETs and power design. Low voltage DC-DC ok, High voltage off-line a plus.
• Working ability to model circuits with a circuit simulation tool such as SPICE.
• Experience with PCB layout for switching power supplies, low noise or high frequency a plus.
• Experience with medium to high power LED fixture designs. Knowledge of phosphors, color science. Understands the concepts of CRI, flicker and light measuring metrics and techniques.
• Experience with design and test for agency compliance RF emissions and safety. FCC, CE and UL requirements for LED lighting a great plus.
• Experience with Asian manufacturing.
• C coding experience with Arduino prototype systems a plus.
• Exposure to professional videography/camera lighting

Education and Qualifications:

• Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering or similar two-year courses in advanced electronics design
• Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering is a plus


  • Please upload a PDF of your resume here